Cryotherapy Insurance

Insurance for your Cryotherapy Business.

There are certain exposures for business owners in any type of business. As the Cryotherapy becomes more main-stream it attracts more people looking for wellness options. The broader the client base for a Cryotherapy business the higher are the chances of a potential injury.

In the past Cryotherapy has been primarily an option for athletes. Today, people from all walks of life are obtaining treatments. Most of these people are experimenting with Cryotherapy and in some cases are getting injured.

Cryotherapy Insurance

Cryo Insurance Options offered by

Professional Liability: coverage in the event of a physical or emotional injury.

General Liability: coverage for slip and fall claims and includes Personal/Advertising injury

Business Contents: coverage for fire/theft/vandalism

How to Buy Cryotherapy Insurance

Here are the steps to buying cryotherapy insurance:

  1. Go online to
  2. Enter your data
  3. Obtain Cryotherapy Insurance quote
  4. Sign and Buy online
Cryopy Insurance

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