Vape Insurance Professionals

Whats does it take to be a Vape Insurance Professional?

The first most important aspect of a professional is to subject yourself to a strict code of conduct and to ensure ethical and moral obligations to our policy holders.  As an expert you must be a true “specialist” in your field and have authoritative knowledge and a skill set which pertains to your practice.

Calco Commercial Insurance is a “Pro” at placing coverage for the Vape Industry.  We worked directly with the underwriters to provide clear and concise policy language which distinguishes tobacco products from vape products.  Our contributions as insurance professionals also include lobbying at the State, Federal, and local level including the Los Angeles City Council.

If you would like us to review your existing policy or provide you with a vape insurance quote feel free to contact us.  Toll free 877-225-2699 or online.

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