Legal Precedent Set: CA Jury Awards 1.9M in Exploding E-cigarette Case

Jennifer Ries claims she was severely injured and emotionally scared after a charging an e-cigarette/vape device in which the battery exploded while being charged in her vehicle.  Her buttocks, legs, and hand were severely burned.  The defendant took subsequent measures and changed the packaging to include a warning not to charge their vape devices in their vehicles.

The court ruled that “Strict products liability is imposed on all business entities within the chain of distribution who manufacture, sell, distribute, or market a faulty product and that negligence and culpable conduct have no bearing in a strict products liability case”.

This means that regardless of your position in the chain of commerce (i.e. vape shop, e-juice MFG, or importer/distributor) the law holds you  responsible for deficiencies of warnings and instructions and product defects of products of others.  Take a look at the case Jennifer Ries vs Vapcigs.


CALCO offers Loss Control services which include product warnings and user instructions to our customers. The excessive 1.9M award is excessive and was completely avoidable had the defendants used our services or provided proper user instructions and warnings.  These type of claims are settled by our underwriters for $50,000 or less.   This is a major set back for the Vape Industry.

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