New Vape Regulations in Massachusetts

Electronic cigarettes or Vape products have made the headlines in the state of Massachusetts, where anyone under 18-years-old will be barred from buying e-cigs beginning September 25. In addition to the new age limit being implemented statewide, Massachusetts will also require that e-liquid, e-juice and any gels used in electronic cigarettes will have to be sold in child-resistant packaging.

The new regulations, which were approved by the attorney general’s office and filed Friday, September 11, also include several other requirements involving the distribution of e-cigarettes, such as:

  • No promotional giveaway or distribution of e-cigarettes
  • E-cigarettes must be kept out of the reach of customers
  • E-cigarettes may only be sold through face-to-face purchases except in adults-only establishments
  • E-cigarettes cannot be sold through vending machines

The new regulations that are being implemented in Massachusetts can be seen as a sign that the government is starting to recognize the e-cigarette and vaping community as an industry that is here to stay. Previously in Massachusetts, age limitations on the sales of e-cigarettes were governed by each city or county with no statewide regulations.

Requiring child-proof packaging will increase liability protection for retailers in the vape industry and may have a lasting effect on e-cigarette insurance premiums if it becomes the industry standard. The tougher packaging requirement will help prevent accidents caused by children ingesting e-juice.

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