Retail Agents: Product Liability Insurance for Your Clients

Our particular niche is insuring Electronic Cigarette and E-Juice companies.  We bind 90% of all submissions.  Full GL or mono-line Product Liability is available.  Our policy is typically 40% less in premium and our carrier is rated (A XV).

We also offer a full General Liability policy for a variety of manufacturing/importing classes of business.  Including new industries which do not yet have a classification.  Products manufactured in China and other foreign countries are acceptable.  Our underwriters can review a risk and make a logical decision without a need for an underwriting manual.  The pen is ours, and in rare cases we may need to submit to the insurer for review.  In most cases phone indications can be provided.

Download our Products Application – Brokers.  Acords are not required.

Policy Features:

True WorldWide Coverage available

Primary Policy Limits from $250,000 to $5,000,000

Property Endorsement

No Minimum Premium for Most Risks

Broad Deductible Options

Ability to Change Policy Wording to Meet Contract Requirements

Blanket Additional Insured Form Available

Ability to Build a Policy from the Ground Up


We do not require a brokerage appointment for quoting.  Email your submissions to or you may speak to us at (877) 225-2699

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