Commercial Vehicle Insurance – 6 Simple Steps to Save, Get Expert Advice

Follow these 6 simple steps and save hundreds or even thousands off your current insurance policy:

  1. Start by identifying the insurance brokers or companies which you will contact.
  2. Gather the information of the drivers and vehicles (make sure to have drivers license numbers and VIN numbers).
  3. When you call or get an online quote, make sure all the liability limits and deductibles are the same.
  4. Review your quotes and provide feed back to the agents which you received the quotes from.
  5. Use email when communicating with the agents, doing so will help you stay organized during the shopping process.
  6. Ask if the company offers online signatures, this is an easier and a faster method of securing coverage.


8.33% Down Plan:

If you are working with a small budget we can lower the down payment to 8.33% of the annual premium.  This means that if your policy is a $1,000 your down payment on your commercial auto policy will be $83.33.

Too Many Tickets:

What if you or your drivers have moving violations and have lost the good driver discount?  We can rate you policy just based on the vehicle and territory and will not surcharge for any moving violations.

General Liability Insurance:

Did you know that having a basic $500  general liability insurance policy can save you 25%.  If you are paying $10,000 a year on insurance 25% is $2,500.  In addition to the savings, you will the added coverage and security.

Online Signatures:

We pioneered online signatures for our commercial auto insurance program five years ago.  Our signature process is quick and simple to use.  Once you complete the signing process you receive a copy of all of your documents as well as a copy of your policy.

Vehicle Types:

We can insure any make vehicles including Toyota, Nissan, GMC, Chevy, Ford, International, and Volvo.

Liability Limits:

Our base limits start at $25,000 per claim and can be as high as $25,000,000.

Fleet Pricing:

Our specialty in commercial vehicle fleet pricing means lower premiums for your business.  We can structure a policy to fit in within your budget.


Contact Calco Commercial Insurance by phone at (877) 225-2699 for a quick quote.  You can also obtain a commercial vehicle insurance quote online from our site.


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