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Developing a new product or improving an existing one – Product Liability Insurance is a necessary component of you business.  Calco Commercial Insurance has the expertise, experience, and affordable rates.  Call (877) 225-2699 for an instant Product Liability Insurance quote.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q.  What is Product Liability Insurance?

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A.  Product Liability Insurance provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by your product.

Q.  Does Product Liability cover Product Recall Insurance.

A.  No Product Recall Insurance covers the expenses associated with removing the product from the store shelves and households.

Q.  How much Product Liability Insurance coverage should I buy?

A.  Your should by as much as you can afford, with a minimum of $1,000,000 per claim and a $2,000,000 aggregate limit.

Q.  I don’t think anyone will sue me.  Do I really need Product Liability Insurance?

A.  Having a policy in force is like having an attorney on retainer at a very low cost.  Consider this fact, in most cases the product is found not to be the problem, it’s the end user.  However, the cost to defend against frivolous law suits averages $25,000 – without going to court.

Q.  Does your company offer payment plans or is the annual premium required to be paid in full?

A.  Payment plans are always available.

Q.  What type of products does CALCO insure?

A.  We can insure any type of products.  Some of the products which we have insured in the past have been: vitamins, pharmaceuticals, motorcycles, surgical equipment, cranes, electronic cigarettes, electronic devices, firearms, military applications, sports/exercise equipment, food manufacturers, adult novelty/sex toys, and many other classes.

Q.  How much does Product Liability cost?

A.  We are very flexible with our underwriting.  Most classes of business fall withing our minimum premium of $450.

Q.  Can I buy an Product Liability Insurance online?

A.  You can quote, buy, and print your policy.  If you have any questions you can always call us for assistance at (877) 225-2699

 Q.  Where is your office located?

A.  Calco Commercial Insurance is located in Los Angeles, CA.


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