Gulf Coast Oil Spill Contractors Insurance

As losses caused by the oil spill in the Gulf Coast continue to mount, the need for contractors, vendors, environmental scientists, equipment manufacturers, and consultants are at a heightened demand.  They are finding that their insurance needs are insufficient and do not meet the requirements set by British Petroleum (BP) and Transocean.

Calco Commercial Insurance has committed a specialized team of licensed agents to ensure that the insurance demands of all of contractors are met.  “Understanding the policies and the risks associated with Contractors Liability Insurance is critical” says Jason Perez, Vice President at Calco Commercial Insurance.

Gulf Coast Contractors Insurance

Gulf Coast Contractors Insurance Quote

Calco Commercial Insurance offers the following types of insurance for Gulf Coast Contractors:

• Contractors Liability

Errors and Omissions

• Pollution Liability

• Business Insurance

• Worker’s Compensation

Product Liability Insurance

• Commercial Vehicle Insurance

About Calco Commercial Insurance Services:

Calco Commercial Insurance Services is a privately held company which provides quality (A.M. Best “A” Rated) insurance policies. As an intermediary our capabilities allow us to offer affordable and comprehensive coverage for the retail, wholesale, manufacturing, transportation, entertainment, government and professional services industries. We are pioneers in online quoting and policy delivery, interfacing with our clients via every modern avenue of electronic communication available in the 21st century. The breadth of our insuring capabilities includes both regional and global risk exposures for our domestic and international clients.

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