What is Cryotherapy Insurance?

Cryotherapy Insurance is offered by Cryo Insurance Pros, it combines General, Professional, and Business Owned Property. Professional Liability is the only portion of the policy which provides coverage burns from the extremely low temperatures. General Liability covers slip and fall claims. Business Owned Property is the coverage for the cryo equipment such as chambers and other business property.

Cryotherapy Insurance F.A.Q.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cyotherapy is a wellness method. The concept is that when your body is exposed to below zero temperatures it pulls your blood towards your organs to protect it. After the cryotherapy secession is completed the blood is rushed back towards your skin. This creates a circulation in the body and has a healing effect.

Starting a Cryotherapy Business

You will have many decisions to make. One of the decisions which will effect the cost of insurance is who you purchase your liquid nitrogen from. Certain liquid nitrogen including Air and Gas or Roberts Gas have high liability requirements.

How much does Cryotherapy Business Insurance Cost?

A Cryotherapy Business Insurance policy can start from $800. However, that will not cover all of what you need.

Here is a list of factors which influence the premium:

  • Annual Sales
  • Liability Limits (landlords and liquid nitrogen companies may request higher limits
  • Type of other wellness services offered

What does Cryotherapy Business Insurance cover?

Cryotherapy Business Insurance covers incidents which result in burns, illness, disease, injury, or death as result of a cryotherapy session. Keep in mind that at your center you will not conduct a full medical exam which includes blood work to rule out any existing health conditions. Some people will not tell you about their pre-existing conditions just to get a treatment. Cryotherapy Business Insurance will also cover slip and fall claims and fire/theft of your business contents.

Do cryotherapy consent forms protect me?

Consent forms with arbitration agreements help but don’t make you lawsuit proof. If someone who signed a consent form suffers a cryo burn they can still sue claiming that “you should have known I would get injured or you should have made the cryotherapy session safer”. It’s a poor business decision to go to trial to fight a case. Trials can cost $150,000 to $300,000 in your own legal fees alone. This does not include any potential costs payable to the plaintiff. In most injury cases, it’s better to write off $50,000 and move on than to litigate.

How to get a Cryotherapy Insurance quote?

To obtain a cryotherapy business insurance quote follow these steps:

  1. Go online to:
  2. Enter your business details
  3. Check your inbox for cryo insurance quote
  4. Digitally sign and buy your cryo insurance policy

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