Vape Insurance – a new CALCO site

New Vape Insurance Site Launched!

Calco Commercial Insurance has launched a new site called for its vape specific business.  The vape insurance site provides more information on the vape industry and our offering.  You can also obtain an online quote.

Offered Coverage:


  • Loss Control Services – we can help you with warnings and instructions which can be implemented in your sales process.

As the only real vape insurance pros we look out for our client by providing upfront explanations of coverage.  Some companies claim to do what we do, but hide important exclusions from their clients.  Calco Vape Insurance is the only company to advocate for the vape industry.  We have stood beside The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association since their started and supported their efforts for sensible regulation on a state and federal level.

Pick up the phone (877) 225-26999 or go online to get a vape insurance quote to learn more about pricing and what we offer.  We offered coverage for e-cigarette insurance since 2008.  We know the vape industry.

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