Hoverboard Insurance

Calco Commercial Insurance provides insurance coverage for Hoverboards as they are also known.  As with any other product in the market place it is faced with strict product liability laws.  The biggest exposure is bodily injury which would be caused if one falls off of it or collides with another object.

Warnings on the Point of Hazard:

As with any other consumer product, especially one which utilizes a volatile lithium ion battery, is on two wheels, and is sold without providing training; user warnings and instructions have to be placed directly on the product.  The must also be visible and legible.  In addition, full written instructions and warnings must be included with each unit.

Available Coverage:

  • Product Liability Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance (coverage for your inventory)
  • Cargo Insurance (coverage while in transit)
  • Hoverboard Insurance

Although this is a relatively new product, we have successfully secured insurance for a Hoverboard at an affordable annual premium. Speak to one of our licensed Product Liability Specialist today to receive a quote (877) 225-2699

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