Electronic Cigarette Insurance Update

Being Non-Renewed by Maxum Insurance Company?

Non-renewal means that a company has refused to renew your policy for the following reasons:

electronic cigarette insurance

Product Liability Insurance Quote for E-Cigarettes

  1. The re-insurance company is disapproving the electronic cigarette line of business
  2. The underwriter who put the program together may have left the company
  3. Unexpected spike in claims
  4. Recurring delinquency of installment payments
  5. Policy which was offered was too broad in coverage and under priced
  6. Insurance company has raised it’s minimum premiums to and is only interested in insuring large accounts


Calco Commercial Insurance is the first and only company to specialize in Product Liability Insurance and Product Recall Insurance for electronic cigarettes.  We insure; manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.  Coverage is offered to any company, regardless of where the product was manufactured.

The CALCO Advantage:

  1. Our structured policy offers World Wide Coverage and limits up to $10,000,000.
  2. Small Premiums
  3. Low Down Payment
  4. Low monthly installments, with a generous grace period
  5. We can review your policy and point out the major gaps in coverage at no cost to you


Trust a company which specializes in Product Liability Insurance for Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigarettes).  The e-cigarette business model is always evolving, as such we are up to date with trends and changes in your industry.  Contact us toll free at (877)225-2699 to obtain a electronic cigarette insurance quote in 5-minutes.

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