Toy Association of Southern California (TASC) Insurance

We are the leading experts in the area of Toy Insurance.  Calco Commercial Insurance has several programs which are advantageous to manufactures, wholesalers, importers, and retailers.  We will gladly insure toys which are manufactured abroad.  Members of the Toy Association of Southern California (TASC) receive substantial discounts.   Call (877) 225-2699 or  obtain an online Product Liability Insurance Quote for Toys.   Annual premium start at $750 which can be paid in 9 installments.



Teddy Bears Manufacturing.  Made in China, sold in the U.S.A.

Get an Online Product Liability Insurance Quote for Toys

Toy Insurance Quote

$2,000,000    Aggregate Limit

$2,000,000    Products/Completed Aggregate (Product Liability)

$1,000,000    Personal/Advertising Injury

$1,000,000    Each Occurrence

$  100,000     Tenant Liability/Fire Legal

$      5,000     Medical Payments

$             0    Deductible



PAYMENT PLAN: Flex Pay (9) Installments

We offer additional insurance products for your business such as; product recall, workers compensation, property, cargo, commercial auto, D&O, and E&O.

Our Product Liability Insurance Specialist are knowledgeable and are licensed by The Department of Insurance.  We will insure any products related to children.  Our policies are easy to read and are written in plain English.  In addition, we can review your existing policy and highlight the deficiencies which may exist.  For more information on Product Liability Insurance for Toys contact our specially trained underwriters who will develop and offer an affordable yet comprehensive plan for your business.  Annual policies as low as $750.   For your convenience several payment options are available.  Calco Commercial Insurance offers coverage in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and all of California.  We will be expanding our services to Florida, New York, Texas, Georgia and a few others.



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