Lunch Truck Insurance | Taco Truck Insurance

Are you starting a Lunch Truck business?  Get on the right track and don’t spend more money on Lunch Truck Insurance then you have too.

Free Lunch Truck Insurance Quote

The sample quote below is based on a Los Angeles garaging address.  Rates are lower in other parts of California.

Auto Liability: $500,000

Medical Payments: $10,000

Uninsured Motorist: $100,000

Collision Deductible: $1,000

Comprehensive Ded: $1,000

Annual Premium: $1,200  (Full coverage can as low as $617 in other California Cities)

Start your Lunch Truck Insurance or Taco Truck Insurance Quote now!

The base premium for Lunch Truck Auto liability only insurance is about $425 annually. Rates can vary based on age, sex, driving record (we don’t charge for tickets), garaging location, coverage type and other factors.

Calco Commercial Insurance Services specializes in Lunch Truck/Food, Taco Truck Insurance, and Catering Truck Insurance.  As a California based company we service the entire state including the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Jose.  Coverage may be denied if there are too many tickets or accidents.  Coming soon are the states of New York, Texas, and Florida.

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