Business Insurance in Los Angeles

Business Insurance in Los Angeles is necessary to obtain the proper coverage to protect your business.

There are several types of insurance policies that are affordable.  A monoline General Liability Insurance policy is cheaper than a Business Owners Policy.  However, this means that less coverage will be provided.  The benefits of a BOP are: business income expense, property coverage, debris removal, hired and non-owned auto coverage, employee dishonesty and other valuable coverages.

In Los Angeles business insurance for the small business owners seems like an unnecessary expense.  A sample policy expense below demonstrates how affordable it is.

Sample Cost of a Business Owners Policy in Los Angeles:

Quote:            $500   annually or about $41.66 per month.

Considering the cost of auto insurance and how much we all pay for it.  The BOP’s are very affordable and invaluable for a business that you have invested in. You can buy your Los Angeles Business Insurance policy online.

Calco Commercial Insurance Services is located in Los Angeles, CA and has helped bring affordable coverage for your business.  Call and speak to one of our small business insurance specialists at (877)226-2699 or get an online business owners quote.

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